Saturday, May 30, 2009

Connecting Classrooms to Classrooms Worldwide

I'm holding a special online meeting on Monday, June 1st, to work out the details of building resources that can help educators easily connect classrooms of students together from around the world-especially using Elluminate's audio/video/more environment for communicating and collaborating. One of my jobs for Elluminate is to help facilitate free and easy communication of this sort through the new LearnCentral network I'm helping to build. If you're available Monday at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern / 12am (Tuesday) GMT please come to this "LearnCentral Pioneers" meeting with advice or ideas on how to best do this.

Here are some examples of questions I want to ask: Where do you go now to find other willing classes? What kind of training would you like to help you to do this? What are the best examples of this kind of world-wide classroom-to-classroom collaboration?

Join on Monday by going directly to the Elluminate room at or logging into and clicking on the event link at the bottom of the "Community" page.


  1. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Hi Steve

    Hmmm, I am wondering why you are reinventing the wheel on this one.

    Lucy Gray has set up a wonderful location at with almost 2,000 members and I also have a small elementary based one at (not as big of numbers but very busy.)

    I am unsure if Lucy can be at the meeting on Monday (unfortunately, I cannot) but I am wondering that instead of starting a new arena -- why not tag onto something(s) already flourishing???


  2. Hi, Jen. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel, actually.
    Elluminate has run a very successful program themselves in this arena called "Fire and Ice,"

    What I'm doing by holding this meeting is trying to find out what's being done right now and by whom, and the best way for Elluminate to fit into those models and/or help to expand them. Because part of the program I'm working on is to make Elluminate's existing free services more visible, and to make some new services free through LearnCentral, finding out and being able to promote sites like yours and Lucy's is the first step that I want to take.

    Then I want to figure out a good, proactive role for Elluminate, given that there are literally millions of educators who use an Elluminate service in one way or another. I foresee a future in which it becomes standard classroom practice to both connect with other classrooms and to bring in remote guest speakers, and I am hoping those who come to the meeting can help explore the different ways to get there.


  3. Hi Steve,

    First, thanks so much for your great contributions to ESL, I've been a silent participant on your website for a long time!

    I'm breaking my silence just to let you know about my ESL project at

    I'm an ESL teacher at a jr/sr high school in Tokyo, and I've been building an SNS for secondary schools for the last several years. We are testing it now with students and working on many improvements.

    I'm glad to see Elluminate and the aforementioned sites by Lucy Gray and Jen, and there are certainly lots of great tools already out there. Thanks for bringing them to our attention!

    I'm building one from scratch that has lots of unique features, and as a teacher myself I believe it will offer some unprecedented features for the ESL curriculum.

    It will also be 100% free. I don't believe we need to pay, as educators, to give our students and teachers powerful online tools. If we're careful, and listen to and learn from people like you, we can discover all kinds of great free stuff out there. Yes, there are fantastic services that charge money, as well as free services with shady privacy policies, so we have to choose wisely.

    Anyway I will keep you posted if that's OK!


  4. Hello again, I've just finished reading the "Policies for Classroom 2.0 Commercial Solicitations" page at
    and realized my previous post was a violation! I didn't use my full name, and may have come across as the kind of solicitation none of us enjoy reading. So I've updated my profile, and will try to adhere to the rules from now on, please accept my apologies.


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