Friday, December 05, 2008

Report: Happiness is contagious in social networks

I found this story at CNN fascinating:

While it appears to be largely about traditional, not electronic, social networks, there is so much that should cross over here. It also jives with my personal experiences where taking a positive approach can have a "leavening" effect on larger groups. Certainly, my experience running group tours was a great tutorial in that principle, as I noticed that my influence was very significant in how the group was "feeling." My experiences in church leadership roles and running a company have been very similar.

I extend this easily to the social networking sites, particularly the ones in Ning where there is a defined community. My experiences in Classroom 2.0 in particular have pointed out how very important it is for the creator or moderators of a network to model civility and thoughtfulness, and how that easily spreads to the group and becomes a part of the networks "personality."

I'm also making a mental note to spend more time with really fit people (see the article :).

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  1. I'm reminded of that Donovan song, "Happiness runs in a circular motion."


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