Monday, October 06, 2008

I Want a Netbook. Badly.

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The use of Linux on many of the new, smaller "netbook" computers is providing a pretty unique opportunity for expanding interest in Linux, especially in education.  I have to admit the fast boot times of the machines I played with (EEEPC and 2GoPC) at the K12 Open Minds Conference were impressive.  But it's the combination of fast boot time and Linux reliability with a larger keyboard and the 6-cell battery (8+ hours) that really has me chomping at the bit. 

After really diving into and drilling down on the specs and the reviews, the Acer Inspire One looks like the real deal.  $399 with Windows XP, which probably means $349 or so with Linux.  Amazing. Unfortunately it's not currently in stock, although others are selling the XP version so that means it should be at Amazon pretty soon (and I'm very loyal to Amazon because of the great service I get with them and the free 2-day shipping for being an Amazon Prime member). 


  1. Steve, I like the Acer Aspire 1, too. I had a chance to see it this past week and it's pretty nice!


  2. Hi, Miguel!

    Given the alternatives, the Acer seems almost too good to be true. My impression is that it's about $100 less than might be expected for the features... which adds to its desirability. :)


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