Saturday, July 05, 2008

NECC 2008 Wrap-up Show Links

Thanks to all who made this a very interesting and productive show/meeting/webcast! We had 60+ in the discussion through at least the first hour, and I thought it was, again, a great example of the community at work. I couldn't post this as a comment to the previous blog post because the URLs weren't coming through with hot links.

As Gailene pointed out in the NECC2008 network, here's the link to the NECC 2008 Ning group for this wrap-up discussion:

Here's a link to the recorded Elluminate session (audio and screen/video):

And the link to the agenda, notes, links, and chat log:

The last page should be really helpful if folks will continue to add comments and links there. As well, NECC 2008 forum discussion (or here) could serve as an additional place for your thoughts:

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