Thursday, March 13, 2008

Open (and Fast!) Professional Development

I gave a session at the IL-TCE conference at the end of last month (that seems so long ago!) on "Building Your Professional Development Network" using Web 2.0 tools. A couple of days before the conference I "Skyped" Darren Draper in Utah and asked if he had a video that I could show on the "open professional development" program that he and Robin Ellis had created. This is a project that uses the "open" tools of the web to teach the open tools of the web, and I felt it would be a great way to showcase the opportunities of Web 2.0.

Darren did not have a video, but he promised to put one together in the next day for me to show--since he felt it would be a good thing to have just in general. The following video is what Darren produced, and their was an audible gasp from the audience when, after showing it, I told them it had been recorded and produced in just one day. Once again, Darren and his cohorts provide a great model for the positive potential of these tools.