Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Favorite Site for Family Movie Reviews for Parents

Family movie reviews for parents -- Now Playing In Theaters

I just wanted to give a plug for a website I've used for several years now that reviews movies and grades them based on violence, sexual content, language, and drugs/alcohol portrayal.  While our kids are constantly trying to find reasons why a low grade at Parent Previews isn't really reflective of the value of a particular movie, I have so come to trust the reviewers' perspective that the kids have learned that they are fighting a losing battle. 

Once known as "Grading the Movies," the site will, I'm confident, be the source of much discussion when our children are grown--about how Dad always had to check the reviews before watching a movie.  At least I hope that when the kids are grown that we'll have those kind of discussions about parenting as they travel their own roads.  What they particularly hate right now is my parenting-by-guilt method:  "Oh, I'm sure you'll make the right decision about what's appropriate to do..."  We'll see if they don't see the virtue in that approach when they are older!

My personal standard is that I am not likely to enjoy a movie that they give lower than a "B" to, and when I'm feeling particularly careful of my time and media consumption (more and more the case), I try not to watch anything that's less than an "A." 

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  1. Anonymous12:06 AM

    I do agree that the MPAA ratings have become more and more lenient on the ratings that they give movies, but to me this website is a little harsh. Growing up, my favorite Disney movie was the Jungle Book and this site gave it a "B"? To me that is kind of ridiculous.


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