Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Panel Discussions at CUE and NECC

There has been such a positive response to the idea of setting up panel discussions for the CUE and NECC ed tech shows that I thought I'd better do some organizing.

We're currently working on two different panel topics for each of those shows. I've created a way for you to indicate your interest in participating in either or both. First, what the panels will be:

1. "Classroom 2.0: The Use of Web 2.0 and Collaborative Technologies in the Classroom." Nine of us did a 90-minute panel on this topic for the Office 2.0 show in San Francisco, and much of the fun was establishing as quickly as we could a collaborative environment with the audience. We provided the audience an online survey for the topics to be discussed, and then followed their preferences, as well as providing a mechanism for asking questions throughout (the group was small enough, as it turned out, to just have them raise their hands...). Sylvia Martinez has submitted a proposal to CUE to hold a panel discussion on this topic at their annual conference, and I am submitting one to NECC.

2. "Social Networking in Education." The use of social networking tools (Ning, Imbee, etc.) for classroom and professional development is a fascinating topic, and with the growth of the Classroom 2.0 social network, and many others, also seems to be worth focusing on. I've submitted a proposal to CUE for a panel on this as well, and will do the same for NECC.

Rather than try to keep track of information about all of you, I've set up two pages on my EdTechLive wiki where you can put in your name and information--not just for these shows, but to show your availability potentially for other shows as well. There isn't any way that all who are interested are going to be able to participate in the panels at NECC and CUE, but there are lots of other shows as well--as many have let me know! Also, I'm asking both CUE and NECC if they will provide a "Classroom 2.0" meeting area, like the Bloggers' Cafe at NECC last year, and there will surely be lots of fun organizing to do for those areas if we get them.

The page for potential panelist information for "Classroom 2.0" (Web 2.0 tools) is http://edtechlive.wikispaces.com/Classroom+20+Panel.

The page for potential panelist information for "Social Networking in Education" is http://edtechlive.wikispaces.com/Social+Network+Panel.

Please go to either or both and promote yourself. (You'll have to join the wiki to be able to edit it.) Looking forward to collaborations ahead!


  1. Steve, thanks for this post. I just found your blog. www.Yomod.com is working on a safe, age-appropriate social media (videos, photos, etc.) tool for teachers.

    Yomod, Co-Founder

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thansk very much for adding imbee.com to your post. As you know, imbee.com has the great distinction of being the only parent approved social network to offer a free school blogging and new media program. We now have hundreds of teachers and thousands of students using imbee.com for school. And I'm happy to report that feedback from kids, parents and teachers has been overwhelming positive. Please stay tuned as we’re about to announce an exclusive partnership with the National Geographic Foundation, bring exclusive award winning content into our network. We will also be announcing a future partnership with Pulse of the Planet – a fantastic NPR audio program.


    Tim D
    Imbee.com founder

  3. Brian: thanks for the link. I'll take a look. Tim: great work on Imbee.


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