Monday, May 21, 2007

Three Interview Clips on Classroom 2.0, Edubloggercon 2007, and Open Source Software

Kevin Honeycutt from Educational Services and Staff Development Association of Central Kansas (ESSDACK), and an active participant in our Classroom 2.0 social networking site, asked if he could interview me last week as part of his "Driving Questions Podcast". Normally, I leave the interviewing for ME to do, but I did welcome the chance to talk about Classroom 2.0. As it turns out, we segued into several other topics, including Free and Open Source Software, EduBloggerCon 2007, and the Open Source Pavilion at NECC.

Kevin split the interview into three shorter parts:

Part One (Classroom 2.0)
Part Two (Free and Open Source Software)
Part Three (Puppy Linux, Linux Thin Client, NECC, and EduBloggerCon2007)

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