Friday, February 23, 2007

A Great Flood

I had a vision in the wee hours of the morning today.

The polar icecaps of our information world were being melted by the heat of collaborative thinking and the trillions of connections being created by new networks. A technological tidal wave from Web 2.0 was beginning to flood the earth.

I saw many of us hanging on for dear life to the flotsam of what was our pre-wired world, having nearly been drowned in immeasurable data, and with no understanding or ability to see what was going on in the new, living-water world below. What used to be a beautiful valleys with relatively small rivers and streams of information, where we once drank deeply of the wisdom of the ages, had been filled by an ecosystem where that information was the very breath of life for our world's new inhabitants.

We who were information sponges, dearly soaking up knowledge in a disconnected world, now were floating bloated and without direction, lost in a new world that no longer just collects information, but lives actively and deep inside it. Some of us could learn to take deep breaths of the old air and dive in to this world for periods of time, but we always aware that we must soon return to the surface, gasping for breath. We watched in amazement as new species, with gills and fins, unconsciously swam high above where we once walked, comfortably unaware in space where we only once dreamed of flying.

Oh, well. It was only a dream...

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