Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tell Us Your Educational Blogging Best Practices - by email, wiki, or phone!

SupportBlogging! is looking to create a resource for best practices in educational blogging. If you have something to add, it can be really easy to do so!

To contribute a favorite or "best" educational blogging practice, please:

1. Add links or information to the wiki page, or
2. Register your blog with and mention "bloggingbestpractices" in your post or tag it with "bloggingbestpractices," or
3. Email, or...

Drumroll please...

4. Call 916-273-9353 (US) or Skype-call "stevehargadon"

If I am in, we'll record a short conversation about the best practice you have noticed or participated in. If you reach voicemail, please leave your name, the age-level or setting of the blogging, what the practice or advice is, and information on where someone could go to learn more (if available).

I'll aggregate the responses into a recording that can be played from the SupportBlogging! website or be downloaded. :)


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