Monday, August 21, 2006

Opportunities to Present on Free and Open Source Software at Two Ed Tech Shows (CUE and NECC)

The Computer Using Educators (CUE) annual conference is March 1-3, 2007 in Palm Springs, CA. We have been asked to re-create our large Linux thin-client lab again this year, and will hold concurrent speaker sessions on Free and Open Source Software in the lab.

The deadline for normal CUE applications for speaking sessions is September 4th. HOWEVER, speakers in our Open Source Lab for CUE will be handled outside of their normal submission process and should be made directly to me. If you have already submitted a proposal for a session at CUE that you would prefer be done in the lab, please let me know so that we can flag that.

We have also been asked to provide a lab/speaker venue for the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in Atlanta next June. Those interested in speaking at NECC as part of our Open Source lab there should also contact me directly, and I will let you know the procedure for submitting proposals when you do.

Both shows have expressed a great appreciation for the lab and will be including the speakers from our lab in their regular conference program. For my part, I am appreciative of the caliber of speakers that we have had, and thank those who have taken part.

Please forward this post to anyone that you feel might want to take part in presenting on Free and Open Source software at either of these shows.

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