Friday, July 21, 2006

David Thornburg Live on the Web Thursday Evening

This Thursday evening, July 27th, at 5:00pm PDT (8:00pm EDT), Miguel Guhlin and I will be inaugurating our new weekly series of webcasts on Open Source Software in K-12 schools. Our guest on our first show will be David Thornburg, who has just published a new book entitled "When the Best Is Free: an educator's perspective on open source software." Dr. Thornburg is an extremely popular speaker, and drew a standing-room-only crowd at our NECC Open Source Pavilion when he spoke.

Information on this webcast, and future ones, is available on the wiki in the "Interviews" section. Our goal is to collect a series of recorded audio interviews that will give new users of Open Source software a quick introduction to the technologies that interest them. Please request or recommend future speakers or topics in the "suggestions" part of that section, which can also be located by clicking here:

The webcast interview with Dr. Thornburg will be 55 minutes long, of which the last 15 minutes will be open for question and answer. To listen to the webcast real-time, or to participate in the Q & A portion, you will need to download and configure Skype (, and then click on the Skypecast link when you are ready to join in:

To leave Dr. Thornburg a question before the interview, go to the wiki, click on "Interviews" from the menu to the left, and then click on Dr. Thornburg's name under July 27th; or click here:

Here's hoping this series will be helpful!

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