Tuesday, June 13, 2006

SupportBlogging! Logo Available

We've created a version of the SupportBlogging! logo that can be placed on websites to express support for educational blogging and to direct interested parties to the supportblogging.com website. I'm hoping you might pass this along to your blogging friends, including (especially?) those who blog professionally and may see the importance of helping foster a thoughtful dialogue about the read/write web in schools.

I've written some guidelines for the use of the logo which appear at www.supportblogging.com/logo and which essentially boil down to trying to protect it from being pre-empted for commercial use. Please link the logo to http://www.supportblogging.com.

I'm also thinking of having some hats or t-shirts made up with the logo for the NECC show. If you think you'd want to express your support for educational blogging in this public sort of way, let me know so I can figure out how many I would need to order.

I was interviewed yesterday by School Library Journal, which is planning a short piece on SupportBlogging! in their July issue. Pretty amazing what a wiki can do--a week and a day after registering the domain and starting to put up some content and a reporter calls. Good stuff!

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