Saturday, April 15, 2006

Open Source Lab Plans for NECC 2006 in San Diego

We've just finalized the speakers schedule for the Open Source lab at the National Educational Computing Conference 2006 in San Diego. Very exciting.

We'll have 15 hour-long sessions that will be held in a lab setting with 25 computers, with some GREAT speakers:

David Thornburg: "When Best is Free: An Educator's Guide to Open Source"
Michelle Moore: "Use Your Noodle, Learn Moodle: An Open Source Learning Management System" (3 sessions - boy is she popular!)
Will Richardson: "Learning With Blogs: Bringing the Read/Write Web Into the Classroom"
Jeffrey Elkner: "A Tour of Ubuntu with Free CD"
Jenny Horn: "Hello World: Starting at the Very Beginning with PHP"
Bryant Patten: "Open Source Technology: Why Teachers Should Care"
Tim Frichtel: "Great Web sites with Open Source Content Management Systems"
Steve Hargadon: "K12LTSP: Low-cost, Stable, and Reliable Computer Labs"
Chris Walsh: "Content is STILL King: FREE Blogging & Content Management Systems"
James Klein: "Creating Communities with Open Source Tools"
Tom Hoffman: "SchoolTool: a Free, Open Source SIS and Calendaring System"
Vernon Ceder: "Computer Programming for Everybody: Teaching Programming with Python"

We'll also have a "birds of a feather" meeting on Open Source software in K12 schools, to be followed by a proposed dinner event with those interested in talking about the future of Open Source software in Education.

In addition to the Open Source lab, we'll have a "Playground" area with 6 booths to showcase different Open Source technologies real-time. Currently planned are booths for:

SchoolTool & CanDo 2006 (A FREE, Web-Based, Competency Tracker)
Ubuntu & Fedora Core
Moodle & Moodle e-portfolio
Open Office & Firefox
Asterisk & Mambo/Joomla

Mike Huffman from Indiana has also said that he will be attending, and we're going to try and find a venue for his participation as well--many of us are very interested in an update on the Indiana ACCESS program!

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