Friday, February 17, 2006

Norway Has Linux Thin Client in 234 Schools with 33,000 Workstations

The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Reasearch released a report recently detailing their deployment of Skolelinux, a thin-client Linux model for schools built on top of LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project). 234 schools, 33,000 client machines, and 101,000 pupils and teachers. (See for the Skolelinux site, for the report--only in Nowegian.)

South Africa's TuXlabs project has installed over 160 labs in schools there. Chile announced a few months back a plan to install Linux thin client in 600 schools. Brazil has over 140 computer labs for the poorest of the poor in Sao Paulo--also with Linux thin client.

I'm hoping we can mount a comparably visible Linux thin client presence here in the United States. It may start with an impoverished public school district, or a chain of private schools. Or maybe as a second-tier effort to the work being done in Indiana by Mike Huffman as part of their very, very interesting INAccess program (

I keep hoping some successful business-person, whose company has really benefitted from Linux or Open Source, will decide to make a bold move and help fun Linux thin-client labs in some large number of schools...

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