Wednesday, February 15, 2006

How to Save Money: Set Up Used PCs as Thin Clients

You may not have realized it, but computers as old as Pentium Ones make great, fast thin-client workstations, and can be set up to work both with Windows and/or Linux servers.

Since these workstations do not require any software licensing, you can save $200 - $400 per workstation by using your old PCs. And if you connect to a Linux server, you won't have any software or user licensing fees at all.

We'd love to show you how this technology works. We are providing an 80-computer lab at the show in Palm Springs, California, March 9 - 11. Forty-eight refurbished PCs will be showcasing this setup for thin client use, and thirty-two will be set up with our free Internet WebStation software (see

If Palm Springs isn't in your backyard (smile), then we'd like to bring the show to you. You can't see this technology and not be impressed, so we would like to demonstrate it for you. Call me or send me an email, and let's see if we can arrange a time to show you the benefits of thin-client computing.

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