Monday, April 07, 2014

Big Event Announcements: Learning About Learning, Reinventing the Classroom, ISTE Unplugged, Gaming in Ed, Library 2.014

Hang on to your hat--a flurry of event announcements:  two big events coming up within just a few weeks that are going to be TERRIFIC; really fun notes about what we'll be doing at ISTE this year as part of "ISTE Unplugged;" a brand new conference announcement for "Gaming in Ed;" the call for proposals our annual Library 2.0 conference; and more... :)

All events are free (thanks to our terrific sponsors!).

Learning Revolution Online Conference - April 21st - 25th, 2014
This event brings together people who are thinking about learning from our different and important learning places: the school, library, museum, work, adult, online, non-traditional, and home learning worlds. What are we "learning about learning?" We will explore and bridge the conversations about learning that are common to these worlds, including: learning theory, learning practice, learning science, learning space design, and technology for learning.  Monday - Wednesday are pre-event keynote evenings; Thursday and Friday are conference days. To learn more or submit a presentation proposal sign up at the Learning Revolution site. (I'm also looking for a core team of evangelists to drum up interest and excitement in the different learning worlds--contact me if you can help!)

Reinventing the Classroom - May 1st, 2014
Thanks to sponsorship from Classflow we have just announced a new, free world-wide conference which will be held online and will focus on innovative classroom uses of ed tech.  Oh, so much fun, Classroom 2.0 fans! Conference strands include the following topics:  Teaching with Technology, Student Devices, Online Learning, Subject-Specific Ed Tech, Creative Ed Tech, Web 2.0 & Social Software, and Administrative Support. Learn more and sign up to present at

ISTE Unplugged -  June 27 - July 1
What do Audrey Watters and Kevin Honeycutt have in common? They are both going to be in Atlanta playing special roles at the annual five-day social media party that is ISTE Uplugged! Audrey will be hosting the all-day unconference ON FRIDAY that we now call Hack Education (previously EduBloggerCon), and Kevin is going to be convening a "digital jam" (in the way that only Kevin can) for the now-annual post-unconference Party--which is being hosted this year by ClassFlow, who have stepped up and are exclusively sponsoring all the ISTE Unplugged events (huge thanks to them for this!). Also--don't miss our annual Global Education Day (now ON SATURDAY) and the always-happening-place-to-be Bloggers' Cafe. This is the EIGHTH year of our activities at ISTE, so come join us! (And don't forget that everything at ISTE this year is a day earlier than usual.)

Gaming in Ed - September 15 - 19, 2014
I'm so excited to announce another brand new online event, the first Gaming in Ed conference, with co-chair Allisyn Levy from BrainPOP. This conference is so new we haven't even settled on the strand list yet, but the first phase of the conference site is up and we will be announcing updates and some amazing keynote speakers. The call for proposals will open on May 15th. Details at

Library 2.014 - October 8 - 9, 2014
Now in its fourth year, our future of libraries and librarianship virtual conference is always an amazing event--thanks in no small part to co-chair Sandy Hirsh from the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) at San José State University--and the amazing keynote speakers she gets. The call for proposals opened April 1, so please consider presenting! We'll also be having Connected Librarians Day on October 3, focusing on K-12 and teacher librarians.

Of course, Global Ed Con in November will be celebrating its FIFTH year, and the call for proposals will open May 1. Get ready! RSCON MiniCon number one was this past weekend, number two is in May, and the full deal is July 11 - 13. Stay tuned... Homeschool Conference II is August 7 - 8, Search Matters is August 14,  and don't miss our weekly newsletter and all the other event fun at The Learning Revolution Project.

See you online!

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