Saturday, December 02, 2006

Describing the Use of Drupal in Education

Bill Fitzgerald, of FunnyMonkey, and I spent the better part of an hour talking about the Free and Open Source Software program Drupal. (If you feel lost during the first few minutes of the interview, don't despair--Bill and I quickly shifted gears to bring everything down to a better level for beginners.)

Some part of our time was just Bill's explanation of what Drupal is, and then our coming up with a simple definition and description of the use of Drupal in education. Drupal is less like Moodle and more like Joomla or Mambo--it's comprised of a large set of tools that can be used to build a web presence, and that flexibility is a little daunting when you are starting from scratch. But since there has been a lot of buzz about Drupal, I felt our first step was just to find a way to tell someone else about it. Here is our definition of Drupal for education:

"Drupal is a content management program that contains a set of tools for building a web-based community sites, which can include 1) a public-facing web presence, 2) the functionalities of the read/write web into a controlled school environment, or 3) Intranet/Personal Workspaces for techs and administrators."

Bill was engaging to talk to. He and I are hosting a two-day Drupal workshop in Philadelphia on January 31 - February 2. For more information or to sign up, visit EdTechLive.

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