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TechMission List of Free and Open Source Favorites

TechMission ( supports Christian community computer centers in their effort to provide access, skills and relationships needed to succeed in the information age. They recently sent a list of Free and Open Source Software that they are planning to put on in a distributable CD to go with refurbished computers. The list categories are: Office, Project Management, Net Safety, Computer Utilities, Graphics, Internet, Multimedia, and Educational.


Name: Open Office
Description: is a multiplatform and multilingual office
suite and an open-source project. Compatible with all other major office
suites, the product is free to download, use, and distribute.

Name: Abi Word
Description: AbiWord is a free word processing program similar to
Microsoft® Word. It is suitable for a wide variety of word processing tasks.

Name: PDF creator
Description: PDFCreator easily creates PDFs from any Windows program. Use
it like a printer in Word, StarCalc or any other Windows application

Name: TurboCASH Accounting
Description: TurboCASH Accounting, entry level Delphi, Windows Accounting
package for single users, small networks and distributed networks.
Accommodates developer scripts, local plug-in and multi language

Name: Thunderbird
Description: Thunderbird delivers. Enjoy safe, fast, and easy email, with
intelligent spam filters, quick message search, and customizable views

Name: Primo PDF
Description: Convert to PDF from any application by simply 'printing' to
the PrimoPDF® printer - it couldn't be easier! Within minutes, you can
create high-quality PDFs by converting from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and
virtually any other printable file type..

Name: Organizers Database
Description: A database program designed for Non-profits.

Name: eBase
Description: ebase is a complete nonprofit database solution. With it’s
comprehensive feature set, ebase can help you manage donors, prospects,
volunteers, activists, email lists and more – all in one place
Project Management

Name: Open Workbench
Description: Open Workbench is an open source Windows-based desktop
application that provides robust project scheduling and management
functionality and is free to distribute throughout the enterprise. When
users need to move beyond desktop scheduling to a workgroup, division or
enterprise-wide solution, they can upgrade to CA's Clarity™ system, a
project and portfolio management system that offers bidirectional
integration with Open Workbench.

Name: Free Mind
Description: FreeMind is a premier free mind mapping software written in
Java. The recent development has hopefully turned it into high productivity
tool. We are proud that the operation and navigation of FreeMind is faster
than that of MindManager because of one-click "fold / unfold" and "follow
link" operations.

Net safety

Name: We-Blocker
Description: Free Software to block inappropriate material

Name: X3Watch
Description: X3watch is an accountability software program helping with
online integrity. Whenever you browse the Internet and access a site which
may contain questionable material, the program will save the site name on
your computer in a hidden folder. A person of your choice (an accountability
partner) will receive an email containing all possible questionable sites
you may have visited within the month. This information is meant to
encourage open and honest conversation between friends and help us all be
more accountable.

Name: Ad-aware
Description: Ad-Aware Personal provides advanced protection from known
data-mining, aggressive advertising, Trojans, dialers, malware, browser
hijackers, and tracking components

Name: AVG-Link
Description: Free Anti-Virus Program

Name: TUKI
Description: Web browser designed for children. Has parental controls and
designed for children.

Name: Dan’s Guardian
Description: DansGuardian is an award winning Open Source web content
filter which currently runs on Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Mac OS X,
HP-UX, and Solaris. It filters the actual content of pages based on many
methods including phrase matching, PICS filtering and URL filtering. It does
not purely filter based on a banned list of sites like lesser totally
commercial filters.

Name: Accountability Pal
Description: Accountability Pal monitors your network and keeps track of who
is using the Internet and what they are viewing, downloading, uploading,
etc. It emails a report of each user's activity to the person/people you
specify. Great for parents and businesses.
Computer Utilities

Name: Video LAN Client
Description: VLC is a free cross-platform media player.

Name: 7-Zip
Description: 7-Zip is a file archiver with the high compression ratio. The
program supports 7z, ZIP, CAB, RAR, ARJ, LZH, CHM, GZIP, BZIP2, Z, TAR,
CPIO, RPM and DEB formats. Compression ratio in the new 7z format is 30-50%
better than ratio in ZIP format

Name: Smoothwall
Description: SmoothWall is a best-of-breed Internet firewall/router,
designed to run on commodity hardware, and to give an easy-to-use
administration interface to those using it.

Name: Clonezilla
Description: To clone a system, you might be familiar with the commercial
package Norton Ghost®, or the opensource solution Partition Image. However,
it takes time to massively clone system to many computers. You may be
familiar with the commercial package Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition® with
multicasting. Now, Clonezilla is the opensource clone system (OCS) with
unicasting and multicasting. With DRBL and network boot enabled client
computers, the only thing you have to prepare is a Clonezilla server, and
you do not have to prepare a bootable CD or floppy with Partition Image for
every client computer.

Name: Rootkit Revealer
Description: RootkitRevealer is an advanced rootkit detection utility. It
runs on Windows NT 4 and higher and its output lists Registry and file
system API discrepancies that may indicate the presence of a user-mode or
kernel-mode rootkit. RootkitRevealer successfully detects all persistent
rootkits published at, including AFX, Vanquish and
HackerDefender (note: RootkitRevealer is not intended to detect rootkits
like Fu that don't attempt to hide their files or registry keys). If you use
it to identify the presence of a rootkit please let us know!

Name: Knoppix-Link
Description: KNOPPIX is a bootable CD or DVD with a collection of GNU/Linux
software, automatic hardware detection, and support for many graphics cards,
sound cards, SCSI and USB devices and other peripherals. KNOPPIX can be used
as a productive Linux desktop, educational CD, rescue system, or adapted and
used as a platform for commercial software product demos. It is not
necessary to install anything on a hard disk. Due to on-the-fly
decompression, the CD can have up to 2 GB of executable software installed
on it. (over 8 GB on the DVD "Maxi" edition). This has tools to fix
computers Linux and other computers as well.


Name: The Gimp
Description: GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely
distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image
composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many

Name: Blender
Description: Blender is the open source software for 3D modeling, animation,
rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback.

Name:Povray 3.5
Description: The Persistence of Vision Raytracer is a high-quality, totally
free tool for creating stunning three-dimensional graphics. It is available
in official versions for Windows, Mac OS/Mac OS X and i86 Linux.


Name: FireFox
Description: The award-winning open source Web browser. Browse the Web with
confidence - Firefox protects you from viruses, spyware and pop-ups. Enjoy
improvements to performance, ease of use and privacy.

Name: Beonex
Description: Beonex (0.8.2) is a full-featured web-browser and email/news
client targeted at end-users—both individuals at home and companies of all
sizes. It is based on Mozilla source code, which in turn is based on the
Netscape Communicator code

Name: Mozilla Suite
Description: Web-browser, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat
client, and HTML editing made simple -- all your Internet needs in one

Name: GAIM
Description: A multi-protocol instant messaging (IM) client

Name: GNU Privacy Guard
Description: An encryption program.

Name: Filezilla
Description: FileZilla is a fast FTP and SFTP client for Windows with a lot
of features.


Name: Audacity
Description: Audacity is free, open source software for recording and
editing sounds. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux,
and other operating systems

Name: Video LAN Client
Description: VLC is a free cross-platform media player.

Name: CD-DA X-Tractor
Description: CD-DA X-Tractor, a CD ripper for 32-bit Windows platforms. It
features intelligent jitter correction, internet CDDB support, on-the-fly
MP3 encoding via BladeEnc or Lame_enc.

Name: Csound
Description: Csound is a sound and music synthesis system, providing
facilities for composition and performance over a wide range of platforms.
It is not restricted to any style of music, having been used for many years
in at least classical, pop, techno, ambient..


Name: Tux Typing
Description: Tux Typing is an educational typing tutor for children. It
features several different types of game play, at a variety of difficulty

Name: Tux Paint
Description: A drawing program for young children with sound effects, a
cartoon character, and fun 'rubber stamp'/'sticker book' pictures

Name: Childsplay
Description: Childsplay is a 'suite' of educational games for young
children. It's written in Python and uses the SDL-libraries to make it more
games-like then, for instance, gcompris. The aim is to be educational and at
the same time be fun to play

Name: Celestia
Description: Celestia is real-time 3D space simulation which lets you travel
through our solar system and to over 100,000 stars in our neighborhood.

Name: Flashcards 3.0
Description: I put this together for my kids to practice their basic math
facts. It's a simple flashcard program that covers addition, subtraction,
multiplication and division. You can select any one of the operations to
practice on, or have the program mix them up. Though the default is 10,
facts up to 100 are selectable. Version 3.0 includes the ability to practice
fractions. A timer or a clock runs in the background, and a count of
correct/incorrect answers is displayed. This program is freeware. Enjoy.

Name: Read Please
Description: Reads any onscreen text in any of four voices

Name: Certification Genie
Description: These are free, fully functional MCSE Track practice exams
with over 500 questions, including scenarios, exhibits, and detailed
explanations. This is the only program you need to fully prepare yourself
for the MCSE NT 4.0 exams. It includes Networking Essentials, NT
Workstation, Server, Enterprise, TCP/IP, and IIS 4.0.
Note: You must register at the website to get the serial number to unlock
this exam.

Name: Exam II
Description: A program for designing and administering exams. It can also
be used by a student for preparing for practice exams.

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