Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Update and Verizon Mobile Broadband

It's hard to describe how valuable the broadband service I have from Verizon has been to me.  When I was in Indiana two weeks ago for the K-12 Open Minds Conference, it literally saved me from the lack of wireless in my hotel room.  I would guess I use the card for some amount of time every day.

So I was very disappointed to find that after I upgraded my Toshiba Portege laptop to Ubuntu 7.10, my wireless connection would hang up immediately after connecting.  I kept getting a "USB disconnect" that immediately hung up the connection.  I had previously followed Tina Gasperson's directions on setting up the EVDO card pictured above within Linux, but in my searching the web found that Ubuntu 7.10 reconfigured how USB is handled, and apparently the PCMCIA EVDO card is accessed through the USB settings.

But in trying the setup outlined here, which was stated specifically not to work with Ubuntu 7.10 (but that someone later noted had worked for them), I was back online again.  Even better, these directions from the Ubuntu Forums are much easier to automate, allowing me to create a menu item to connect, and so I'm actually glad I had to solve the issue.  As an aside, I did a speed test with the card today from my house, where Verizon reception has always been poor to middling, and I was at 400+kb down and 100kb up.  Not bad for anywhere access.