Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Social Network for International Edubloggers

Yesterday afternoon Darren Draper invited me into an IM conversation with Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis discussing their desire to help build a sense of community and connection with international bloggers--somehow to give them an "edubloggercon" experience when a face-to-face meetup is not immediately likely. And maybe to try and avoid the U.S.-centric approach to previous edublogger organizing.

The site is not meant to replace the engaged dialog of the blogosphere, but to complement it with personal connections.

As one step toward holding some virtual events for the international bloggers, we set up using Ning. Darren, Julie, Vicki, and I are all administrators at the site, but you're going to see my tired mug as the creator just because I had the familiarity with Ning to do the quick initial setup before the Women of the Web 2 show just about to start. Hopefully you're not so tired of me that it would stop you from joining the site... :)

Darren has really pushed this along, and I think it will be fun to see how we can help build connections and community internationally among educational bloggers.