Friday, June 15, 2007

Bloggers' Cafe at NECC 2007

NECC Bloggers' Café
Location: Level Two, between B209/210 at the World Congress Center.

From what I am told, this under-publicized lounge will have casual seating for 15+, a smart board, and more. It makes sense that this might be a fun place for edubloggers and their friends to relax or gather. In that vein, I've created a Twitter account for the cafe which anyone can send a message to by email. When you are in the lounge, you can send an email that you are there, and anyone subscribed to the Twitter feed will receive your notification. If they want to join you, they can do so.

To send a message to the Bloggers' Cafe lounge Twitter account:
  • Email to
  • Use the exact subject line (no quotes): "twitter NECCbloggers07 blog"
  • In the email body, you have up to 140 characters. Send a message like: "John Smith is now in the Bloggers Cafe for 45 minutes. Come join me!"
To subscribe to the Bloggers' Cafe Twitter account (to receive the messages that are sent), you can:
  • Log into your existing Twitter account (or create an account) and go to Look for the "add" action link to get updates from Bloggers' Cafe.
  • Send "FOLLOW + NECCbloggers07" via text messaging from your cell phone to the number 40404. Twitter will ask you for a user name, and set up a mobile account. Your can later go to the web and complete the sign up if you'd like, but you don't have to.
Below is the feed widget for the Twitter account--it is on the cafe wiki also, and will show all updates.