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AI Survey Results | "ChatGPT + AI Bootcamp for Libraries and Librarians"

Last month (April 2024) I sent out a survey to my library and education audiences on AI for personal and professional growth. If you want to see the survey itself (you can still take it if you'd like), you can go to I received over 1400 responses, and here are primary results.

QUESTION: Are you feeling or being told that you need to be knowledgeable in the use of AI to succeed in your job or career?

Interpretation: the majority (77%) are concluding for themselves, are reading or hearing, or are being told that they will need AI to succeed in their job or career, with most having concluded it for themselves and with only 22% answering "No." I think what surprised me the most was that only 10% responded that they are hearing that from their work, organization, or senior staff. At least in the library and education fields, that might indicate that there currently isn't top-down pressure to learn AI to keep or succeed in one's job.

QUESTION: On a scale of 1 - 10 (1 lowest, 10 highest), are you concerned, worried, or fearful of the impact of AI on your job or career?

Interpretation: Honestly, I expected that most would be concerned, worried, or fearful about the impact of AI on their jobs or careers, but this seems to show the opposite. I do think that librarians and educators may feel, more than most employees, that they will be trained in what they need to know and not let go or replaced by AI-oriented workers. Let me know if you think this is the right interpretation.

QUESTION: On a scale of 1 - 10 (1 lowest, 10 highest), are you excited or enthusiastic to learn more about AI and how you can use it personally and professionally?


Interpretation: The high enthusiasm level here does seem consistent with the overall responses to the two previous questions. I'm personally excited that so many people are excited and enthusiastic. I think there are incredible opportunities ahead, but (as you'll hear from me in the near future), I also think there are some things to be really careful about. 

QUESTION: Which of the topics below are of most interest to you?

Interpretation: I was fascinated that "ethical considerations" would be the topic of most interest, but given that we are talking about education and the information sciences, it makes a ton of sense... as does the second-most popular topic, "critical thinking and data literacy." Hurrah for you all. Number three was "AI for teaching and learning" (this really increased my motivation to announce my upcoming conference on "Teaching and Learning with AI") and number four was a "detailed overview of AI tools" (which really encouraged me to announce an updated version last-years "ChatGPT and Libraries Bootcamp"--the advertisement for which is below).

I'm using the detailed responses the more free-form questions from the survey (again, you can see or even fill it out at to build the content for the bootcamp below. I hope you'll consider joining me!



Steve Hargadon

ChatGPT + AI 2024 Bootcamp for Libraries and Librarians:
Understanding and Harnessing the Power of Generative AI with Library 2.0's Steve Hargadon

3 x 1-hour live online sessions with non-expiring access to recordings

Discover the transformative potential of ChatGPT and generative AI in this three-session bootcamp as we examine the impacts these technologies will have on library professionals and the modern library. Join us as we dive into the world of artificial intelligence, exploring its capabilities and applications, while also becoming aware of best practices and guidelines for ethical and responsible use.

As AI reshapes the information landscape, librarians have an unprecedented opportunity to leverage these tools to enhance their services, support their communities, facilitate innovation, and accentuate and magnify personal and professional learning. Don't miss this chance to stay ahead of the curve as libraries and librarianship are transformed in this new world of learning and creativity. 

"I've always thought of A.I. as the most profound technology humanity is working on... More profound than fire or electricity or anything that we've done in the past." 

"Over time, AI will be the biggest technological shift we see in our lifetimes. It's bigger than the shift from desktop computing to mobile, and it may be bigger than the internet itself... It will touch every sector, every industry, every business function, and significantly change the way we live and work."
- Google CEO, Sundar Pichai
"[This is] the most important advance in technology since the graphical user interface.... The development of AI is as fundamental as the creation of the microprocessor, the personal computer, the Internet, and the mobile phone. It will change the way people work, learn, travel, get health care, and communicate with each other. Entire industries will reorient around it. Businesses will distinguish themselves by how well they use it."
- Bill Gates


This online bootcamp series is designed to equip librarians with a core understanding of generative AI and with the knowledge and skills that are needed to integrate ChatGPT and other tools into library programming and their personal and professional learning.

The three one-hour sessions will include Q&A time which may go beyond the hour. All sessions can be attended live, will be recorded, and will be available to participants with non-expiring access.

FRIDAY, MAY 31, 2024, 2:00 - 3:00 PM US-EASTERN TIME: "The Basics: Understanding ChatGPT and Generative AI"

    • Why Artificial Intelligence is such a momentous achievement in human history.
    • Introduction to ChatGPT, generative AI, and the larger artificial intelligence landscape. 
    • How LLMs actually work, why they seem like science fiction, and why they are such powerful tools.
    • ChatGPT drill-down: its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, and potential help for personal and professional learning.
    • Getting the most out of ChatGPT: from crafting good "prompts" to expert techniques.
    • ChatGPT for personalized topic-specific inquiry, deep learning, and expanding subject-matter expertise.
    • How AI will change teaching and learning.
    • Student use: from "generative AI" to "generative teaching" and plagiarism concerns.
    • Critical thinking and data literacy.
    • External expertise, loss of rigor, and the potential for intellectual laziness.
    • Why being knowledgeable in the use of AI will likely be essential to career success.
    • Evaluating common AI fears and reasonable concerns.
    • "Artificial Intimacy:" AI designed to mimic our thinking and to build rapport inevitably manipulates our thoughts and feelings.
    • Cautious optimism: what to expect from AI in the future and "Artificial General Intelligence" (AGI).
    • From using AI tools to "collaborating" with them.
    • How the AI revolution is different than other tech revolutions.

FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 2024, 2:00 - 3:00 PM US-EASTERN TIME: "Enhancing Research and Information Literacy with ChatGPT"

    • The "all-too-human" AI: How our brains and AI are trained in similar ways and what that means.
    • Being careful: apparent AI sentience and awareness, "hallucinations," biases, and programmed rapport.
    • Truth, trust, and false expectations.
    • ChatGPT for conducting literature review, locating resources, refining search queries, and summarizing research findings.
    • Ordering, synthesizing, and organizing information sources.
    • Leveraging ChatGPT to promote critical thinking.
    • Evaluating information authenticity and quality-checking materials.
    • The implications of acting on incorrect information.
    • Identifying misinformation and bias.
    • Responsible AI use.
    • Access, accessibility, and equity: challenges and opportunities.
    • Privacy risks and considerations.
    • Copyright law and the unauthorized use of creative and copywritten content.

FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 2024, 2:00 - 3:00 PM US-EASTERN TIME: "ChatGPT for Personal, Professional, and Program Growth"

    • ChatGPT to deepen subject knowledge and remain current on interdisciplinary research.
    • ChatGPT to acquire new skills, identify relevant learning opportunities, network, personalize learning plans, map career development, set professional goals, and track progress.
    • Customizing ChatGPT interactions to specific needs, preferences, and learning styles.
    • Developing structured AI training and professional development.
    • Building a culture of innovation and continuous learning.
    • Inspiring creativity, fostering a culture of experimentation, and driving continuous improvement.
    • Integrating ChatGPT into libraries services to improve the overall library experience for patrons and staff.
    • Program and event creation with ChatGPT - brainstorm, design, and develop educational programs and workshops.
    • ChatGPT support for answering patron questions, streamlining research processes, and efficiently locating relevant resources.
    • ChatGPT for collection development and management.
    • ChatGPT for analyzing user data, automating processes, identifying trends in library usage, cataloging and digitizing efforts, and making informed decisions about acquisitions and weeding.
    • ChatGPT to assist students with research, essay writing, brainstorming, citation management, critical thinking, and originality.
    • Supporting digital literacy skills: educating patrons and students about AI ethics.
    • Helping patrons and students unlock ChatGPT's potential from personal learning to résumé building, cover letter writing, interview preparation, and career exploration.
    • Introducing ChatGPT to your community.
    • Enhancing community outreach to better serve diverse patron population and tailor library services to different community needs.


Cost includes live attendance, any-time access to the recordings and the presentation slides, and receipt of a participation certificate. (Please note that this bootcamp is not a part of Library 2.0's Service, Safety, and Security series, and is therefore not included in the all-access program for Dr. Albrecht's webinars.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you or your organization paid for an individual (not institutional) registration for the 2023 ChatGPT Bootcamp for Libraries and Librarians, this event is free to you. Please use the online form here.

  • $149/person single participant (entitles you to subsequent repeats of this bootcamp for free)
  • $129/person for 2 - 4 participants from the same organization
  • $599 Institutional License I (up to 100 staff)
  • $799 Institutional License II (up to 500 staff)
  • $999 Institutional License III (unlimited staff)


1. Single registration, paying by credit card:

2. Registration requiring invoicing (single, group, or institutional):

NOTE: please check your spam folder if you don't receive your confirmation email right away. Emails come from or and the phrase "ChatGPT" seems to be triggering spam filtering in many cases. For any registration difficulties or questions, email

If you pay by credit card (either using the single registration above or after receiving an electronic invoice) you will receive an email within a day with a confirmation email and more information on attending the sessions and/or accessing the recordings afterward. Recordings will be posted the Monday following each session.



Steve has owned and run Library 2.0 since 2010, growing it to 53,000 members and providing mini-conferences and webinars for the library community.

Steve is the founder and director of the Learning Revolution Project, the host of the Future of Education and Reinventing School interview series, and has been the founder and chair (or co-chair) of a number of annual worldwide virtual events, including the Global Education Conference and the Library 2.0 series of mini-conferences and webinars. He has run over 100 large-scale events, online and in person.

Steve's work has been around the democratization of learning and professional development. He supported and encouraged the development of thousands of other education-related networks, particularly for professional development, and he pioneered the use of live, virtual, and peer-to-peer education conferences. He popularized the idea of "unconferences" for educators, and for over a decade, he ran a large annual ed-tech unconference, now called Hack Education (previously EduBloggerCon).

Steve himself built one of the first modern social networks for teachers in 2007 (Classroom 2.0), developed the "conditions of learning" exercise for local educational conversation and change, and inherited and grew the Library 2.0 online community. He may or may not have invented an early version of the Chromebook which he demo'd to Google. He blogs, speaks, and consults on education, educational technology, and education reform, and his virtual and physical events and online communities have over 150,000 members.

His professional website is


Some Bootcamp Testimonials from 2023 Participants

“The feedback from the first session has been wonderful. Personally, I really knew zero about ChatGPT and now I am intrigued and a little scared (because it looks addictive).” “Thank you, and thank you so much for this boot camp!!! ” “Many thanks Steve – and special thanks for this series – so helpful in our work we do with schools.” “I wanted to express my gratitude for the first course and I am excited for the upcoming one on Friday. It's been an excellent learning opportunity, and I'm looking forward to diving deeper into AI language models.” “Thank you!! Such a good presentation.” “Best session I've attended in a very long time!” “Thank you! This was great!!” “Very helpful! Thanks” “Thank you,this was great!” “Fantastic, thank you - can't wait for the next sessions :)” “Fascinating! Thank you” “Thanks for this, very informative and thought provoking” “Thank you for a very informative session!” “This was great. Thank you.” “This was a thought-provoking session! Happy to hear a recording will be available. I need to refer back to it to review/reflect on these nuggets of info! Looking fwd to the next one!” “This is fascinating. I can't wait for the next two courses.” “Really well done, thanks!” “Thank you!!!! So very excited!” “Thought provoking. Thank you.” “Thank you! So informative and helpful.” “Thank you for making ChatGPT so much more approachable, less intimidating” “This was a thought-provoking session!” “I am learning so much from your ChatGPT Bootcamp and am loving the sessions: thank you!” “Thank you so much for such great presentations.” “Thanks for this! Super interesting.” “Thank you so much.. very informative and eye opening” “Thank you for this valuable information!” “Thank you so much. Sessions are extremely valuable.” “Thanks! This boot camp has been a big hit so far :) ” “This has been fantastic!” “I cannot thank you enough for this extremely timely and informative series. You do an excellent job of organizing your information, engaging with your audience, and giving us practical takeaways.” “This is a fantastic series and I am so grateful that you are doing this!” “Thanks so much for these wonderful Bootcamp sessions on ChatGPT.” “Thank you for your very thoughtful approach to the bootcamp! ” “A note of gratitude for providing these webinars for the world! My Library colleagues and I attended your Bootcamp for Librarians and were so impressed with your content and delivery that we wanted our teachers to learn from you too!” • “Lots of useful information. Looking forward to having access to slide decks and resources to make use of in my job.” “Thank you!” • “This was great. Lots to learn.” “Thank you it was so beneficial.” “It's was great. ChatGPT is new to me, so now I want to dig deeper, learn how to use it well and help my students to do so.”

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