Friday, November 20, 2020

The Emergency Home Learning Summit Replay Weekend - 300+ Sessions, and Now In Easy Categories | Special Interviews Continue #homelearningsummit #learningrevolution

The Emergency Home Learning (& More) Summit is in its final few days! 

This weekend is a special "free-replay" weekend--you can watch all of the Summit sessions that have been released so far, even if you haven't bought the Summit Library all-access pass. Of course, we're trying to get you to be so appreciative of all the content that you step up to purchasing!

You can also see all of the sessions in our new detailed categories page HERE. Please go look at it. I promise: you are going to be amazed at all that is there. It's been an incredible event.

Our special interview series continues. So far we've released:
  • Denise Pope: Focus on Relationships
  • Esther Wojcicki: The Most Important Thing About Learning
  • Ross Wehner: Purpose-Driven Learning
  • Alice Keeler: "That's the Best Alice Can Do."
  • Blake Boles: "Stepping Outside of Traditional Notions of School"
  • Yong Zhao: "Encouraging Students to Be in Charge"Ken Danford: "School Is Optional"
  • Lisa Nielsen: "There Has Never Been a Better Time to Learn"
  • Sugata Mitra: "Do Not Teach Learners What They Can Learn by Themselves"
  • Chris Lehmann: “School and the Ethic of Care”
Still to come!
  • Angela Maiers
  • Barbara Bray
  • Carlo Ricci
  • Chris Lehman
  • David Homa
  • Gary Stager
  • Gina Riley, Ph.D.
  • Jenny Buccos & Kari Byron
  • Jerry Mintz
  • Julie M Wilson
  • Lenore Skenazy
  • Roger Schank
In each interview, I ask the question of my special guest, "What do you know about learning that would make a dramatic difference to parents or students at this time?" Their answers to that question, and their own stories, make incredibly compelling listening for those trying to figure out how to move forward as traditional school models have been disrupted.

I also asked each speaker, "What do you think the secret to success in life is?" Their answers to that question, plus .mp3 audio files for listening to these special interviews, as well as a number of articles and books, are all part of the bonus package for buying the Summit all-access library pass. I hope that gives you some incentive to consider the purchase!

Remember, you can own access to the full library to watch forever by buying the Summit all-access pass, which is currently $99, a $50 savings from the price after the 25th. 
  • Join for free to watch the current sessions and the upcoming interviews here.
  • Buy the all-access pass here and have access to all the sessions and bonus materials forever.
  • See all of the speakers here.
  • See all of the sessions here.
  • See all of the sessions in detailed categories and topics here.
Have a great, fun weekend. See you "online!"


Steve Hargadon

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