Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Denver Fun -- Final ISTE 2010 Plans and Updates

We're just a few days away from being in Denver for ISTE 2010.  There are lots of great Classroom 2.0 and other activities planned in addition to a terrific conference.  Here are some updates--for the full outline of activities, see my previous post here.  Extra:  Don't miss the invite to the Wikispaces party below as well (sign up needed), and our "list of ways to participate remotely if you can't attend ISTE."
  • EduBloggerCon, the all-day Saturday unconference for social media in education, this Saturday, June 26th, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.  You do not need to be registered for ISTE conference to come.  The session brainstorm page is also up now, as well as the basic agenda.
  • OpenSourceCon:  same day, same idea, just the first time ever for Open Source Software.  We know we have a cadre of strong support for this event, and OpenSourceCon is replacing the annual K12 Open Minds conference, but we're not sure how many will actually be able to attend (some of our Open Source friends just don't have travel budgets right now).  If the group turns out to be smaller, we'll combine with EduBloggerCon (which several people have hoped we would do anyway).
  • Our recently announced Global Education Conference will have a "booth" (table?) at the Global Collaboration Session Sunday night from 7:00 - 8:30pm  in the Convention Center Lobby A, table #P19.
  • Bloggers' Cafe:  the physical location is now listed on the ISTE website as "in the main concourse overlooking the Korbel Ballroom."  Stop by for the best conversation of the show, and--since we do have a computer with webcam and microphone that will be keeping a streaming connection open with those watching from afar--be sure to say hello the remote viewers!
  • About half of the ISTE Unplugged session slots are now filled, and by the end of EduBloggerCon the rest should be taken.  If you're going to be at ISTE and you've never presented, or if for some reason your presentation(s) this year wasn't (weren't) accepted, come present at ISTE Unplugged!  The final location has not been indicated, but it should be very close to the Blogger's Cafe.  The wiki also has and can hold information about other streaming or nighttime activities, so feel free to use it for that purpose.
  • Speaking of which, two Tuesday activities are on the ISTE Unplugged wiki:  the Wikispaces and Edmodo parties.  If you plan well, you can attend both!  Adam Frey and the gang at Wikispaces have been terrific supporters of Classroom 2.0, and while I don't have a lot of details on the Edmodo party (and I'm sure it will be great), don't miss partying it up with Wikispaces--and note that you are asked to sign up in advance so that they can plan!
  • The Classroom 2.0 Birds-of-a-Feather meeting is Tuesday from 4:45-6:15pm.  No new news, but a great place to gather.
  • The Classroom 2.0 LIVE! ladies will broadcast their show live from the Blogger's Cafe / ISTE Unplugged area on Wednesday from 1:30pm - 2:30pm.  Come participate if you are there, or tune in remotely at http://live.classroom20.com.
Ways to participate remotely if you can't attend ISTE in person.  OK, so you can't be in Denver this coming week, but that doesn't mean we've forgotten about you or that you can't participate.  Here's your quick list of what to you can do!
  1. Look for us to list the annual "Speed Demo" or "Smackdown" session at Saturday's EduBloggerCon on the wiki at http://www.edubloggercon.com/EduBloggerCon+2010.  While it would be impossible to broadcast the discussion sessions, we will stream and record (via Elluminate) this fast-paced, fun, Web 2.0-filled set of demos that typically fills an hour.  Always a blast!
  2. Tune into the Blogger's Cafe Webstation and say hi to different folks.  We'll be encouraging those that you know, and those that you don't yet, to come to the station and give you a shout-out--and maybe even answer some questions.  Have your webcam ready if you've got one, and if you don't, come anyway!  The Elluminate room will sometime after 8:30am (Mountain Time) on Monday and stay live through Wednesday afternoon.  The link will be at ISTE Unplugged, or you can log in directly here.
  3. Tune into ISTE Unplugged!  ISTE Unplugged both gives presenters a chance to present material that they otherwise would not be able to, and give remote viewers constant content to watch from afar.  Check it out!
  4. Listen to the Classroom 2.0 LIVE! show on Wednesday afternoon from 1:30-2:30pm.  Tune in directly from ISTE Unplugged or from http://live.classroom20.com.
Here's to fun for all!  See you in person or online this coming week!

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